Why CVs and Résumés are broken

And how simulations solve for Proof of Experience

This may be a little difficult to swallow but CVs and resumes are fundamentally broken. Apart from the fact that it’s difficult for someone to describe their own capabilities, it’s even harder to do so objectively. During a job search, a candidate knows they’re in a competitive environment so there’s always pressure to inflate one’s expertise a little to get noticed. Here’s where GIGO kicks in yet few are willing to acknowledge its existence. Let me explain… [Read More]

How to SEO hack your CV

Tips and tricks to beat traditional Boolean search.

In a sea of potential candidates it’s imperative that your CV (or profile) surfaces to gain attention when you are job hunting. Often, due to lack of clarity in position descriptions or limited keyword searches, your CV (or profile) may be left out in the cold. Whether you have a 1 or 5 page CV doesn’t really matter if a hiring team is using simple Boolean searches and you lack the exact keywords they are using. [Read More]

The trouble with Network Engineers

And how to hire them with simulations.

Network engineering is full of vendor buzzwords and supposed new paradigms. It’s a daunting domain to hire for. Albeit more formalised than software development, nothing in data networking is really new⁽¹⁾. So for hiring and talent acquisition teams, a candidate’s soft and hard skills are mostly alike for each of the network specialisations below. [Read More]